What is an exclusivist in advertising and how can they contribute to the success of campaigns?

16/06/2024 CleceOOH
Acción de marketing con instalación y pantallas publicitarias en Pórtico de la Castellana de Binter, circuito Urban Led

An exclusivist, or exclusive advertising agent, is an essential figure dedicated to the management and commercialization of advertising spaces in specific, often strategically valuable locations where they hold exclusivity.

Therefore, any advertiser, media agency, or advertising agency wishing to display their ads on these spaces must contract with the exclusivist.

In some cases, this role is limited to the sale of their space inventory. In others, such as Clece OOH, we offer a wide range of services aimed at maximizing the impact and effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Madrid.

In this context, we play a crucial role, especially with the technological evolution in DOOH, which has transformed outdoor advertising. We not only offer exclusive spaces but also work hand in hand to create unique experiences.



Advising is a fundamental part of an exclusivist’s work. This involves understanding the needs and objectives of the advertiser or agency and providing recommendations based on extensive experience and market knowledge.

The media inventory can be very extensive: mupis, large-format screens, spectacular marketing, spaces for events and installations… The formats each support can assume are also diverse: 3D animations, synchronized screens, real-time adjustments with programmatic, backlighting, blacklight effect canvases for better night vision… Only the exclusivist knows all their possibilities in detail and, moreover, how to collaborate for a more efficient marketing mix.

After advising, the commercialization of advertising spaces is carried out, ensuring that the messages reach the right audience at the right time.

At Clece OOH, we are much more than a manager of premium location advertising spaces in Madrid. We don’t just limit ourselves to advising and commercialization, but we accompany the advertiser or agency throughout the entire pre- and post-campaign process. From the conception of the project, to detailed execution, and obtaining and interpreting audience metrics once the campaign is over.



The process of bringing a brand, product, or service before the eyes of millions of people every day is no easy task, neither in the conception of the idea nor in its implementation.

Clece OOH’s extensive experience in all types of street campaigns allows us to accompany advertisers at every stage.

If the action involves an event or commercial activation in the public spaces we manage or in the Madrid transport hubs, we work closely in its conception and organization.

For example, in “El Pórtico de Plaza de Castilla,” the covered terrace with approximately 600 m2 available for events in front of the main access to the Plaza de Castilla transport hub. The location in the heart of Madrid’s Business area is perfect for any advertiser, and its extremely high daily traffic. But who knows all its possibilities? The exclusivist.

“El Pórtico” has hosted food truck fairs and stands, cultural events, promotional buses, political rallies, and participatory shows with massive public attendance, concentrating sampling spaces, beauty workshops, photo calls, volumetric displays, and influencers in one place.

And to put the icing on the cake, the Urban Led digital columns in “El Pórtico de Plaza de Castilla” are the magnet to attract a larger number of pedestrians to the action’s focal point and offer them some kind of interaction and reward, in the form of a QR code or visit to the event’s landing page.



The introduction of digital creativity and technologies in outdoor media has notable agents. One of them is the exclusivists, thanks to their decision-making and action capacity in their premium locations during the contract period.

At Clece OOH, we have renewed some media in our extensive inventory of spectacular marketing spaces over the past two years to make way for our Urban Led circuit, with large-format 4K resolution screens in outdoor locations, in strategic areas due to their vehicular and pedestrian traffic in central Madrid.

With them, we offer advanced visual elements, such as 3D animations on spectacular screens, on the facades of transport hubs.

In these projects, we provide our creative animation team and work together with the advertiser. The goal: to develop attractive and striking content that captures the public’s attention and maximizes the campaign’s impact.



The ability to provide accurate and real-time data on the audience is one of the great contributions of exclusivists operating within the pDOOH scope.

These metrics include information on peak traffic times, the sociodemographic segmentation of the audience, and other relevant data that allow adjusting and optimizing the campaign in progress.

This immediate and post-campaign feedback is of great value to advertisers, as it allows them to make decisions based on accurate data and thus improve the performance of their campaigns.



Thanks to the history of actions, exclusivists contribute to improving the marketing mix and the multichannel approach of campaigns. This involves integrating different channels and advertising formats to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience.

For example, at Clece OOH we particularly celebrate events and special actions in Plaza de Castilla that simultaneously project on digital columns. Or those campaigns on digital mupis that invite promotions in nearby establishments. Multichannel, here and now, as a synonym for interaction and success.


Exclusivista de pantallas publicitarias en intercambiador Príncipe Pío circuito Urban Led para Festival Alma

Cubos de marketing espectacular en Avenida de América - HIJOS DE RIVERA - CABREIROA EDICIÓN STAR WARS

Acción publicitaria de sampling de Coca Cola en el Pórtico de Plaza de Castilla, espacio de eventos en Madrid

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