Outdoor advertising tools

At Clece OOH, we offer an extensive portfolio of advertising tools in strategic locations with the most suitable features to amplify the messages to be conveyed. We combine strong visibility with advanced materials and technology, including large-format outdoor digital screens, to capture the audience’s attention and achieve significant impact. Where Madrid moves.


Giants screens that attract attention

OUTDOOR DIGITAL | The new Urban Led circuit ensures maximum visibility for your campaigns through large outdoor screens, ideal for creative advertising and more complex advertising messages than usual. High-definition 4K and responsible energy consumption.

The Avenida de América screen provides 50 m² of surface area, the Plaza de Castilla digital columns offer 55 m², and the Príncipe Pío roof covers 60 m². All of them are positioned at key points in Madrid’s traffic.


At eye level

OUTDOOR | Stunning banners, columns, cubes, and large-format surfaces on the facades and surroundings of Madrid’s Transport Interchange Stations. These are pivotal points in the capital’s transportation system, ensuring significant visual impact and brand recall due to the high frequency of passage.

INDOOR | Large banners and vinyls on stairs, surfaces, floors… within the interchange stations. These structures are strategically placed for immediate visibility and for a sufficiently prolonged period to facilitate recall during travelers’ journeys.


Innovation at the heart of transportation

3 INTERCHANGE STATIONS DIGITAL CIRCUIT | Fully managed by Clece OOH in Plaza de Castilla, Avenida de América, and Príncipe Pío interchange stations. Digital displays and large screens enabling dynamic advertising with creative and direct content to your target audience.

5 INTERCHANGE STATIONS DIGITAL CIRCUIT | Clece OOH – Gran Pantalla Collaboration. This network of digital screens reaches several million users weekly and covers all of Madrid’s interchange stations: Plaza de Castilla, Avenida de América, Príncipe Pío, Moncloa, and Plaza Elíptica.


High visibility and brand recall


Strategically located at points of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic inside and outside transportation interchange stations.

Repeating a campaign’s message in different nearby spaces ensures brand familiarity and recall, thus favoring purchase intent.


Lasting experiences

Spaces for product tastings (coffee/beer/soft drink counters…), for demonstrations and information (telecom, technology, PAEs), for distributing flyers and guides (travel, insurance, experiences…), for vehicle exhibitions

Promotional stands allow close interaction with the public, emphasizing originality and creativity. Strategically placed near metro, bus, and train stations, they disrupt the routine with the proposed marketing action.


Proximity proposals that make an impact

Promotional actions in high-traffic locations, such as the entrance plaza to Plaza de Castilla Interchange Station, designed to engage with users, increasing involvement and brand recall. Proximity marketing campaigns encourage social media and press coverage. This includes product tastings with food trucks, actor performances, screen interactions, virtual counters, street marketing, and other street marketing actions.

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Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

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