Social commitment

Social commitment is an integral part of CLECE‘s identity, and at CLECE OOH, we have actively participated to promote and enhance the communication efforts of all those Associations and Entities that have requested our collaboration.

Thus, we have collaborated with Associations such as: Fundación Padre Vicente Ferrer, Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos de España, Asociación Corazón y Manos; Fundación Teodora; Fundación Aladina, AutocontrolLa FEDE (Spanish Federation of Advertising and Communication Companies).

Our social responsibility leads us to offer special discounts to non-profit organizations and associations that we support.

Furthermore, we have carried out our own social awareness campaigns. For instance, campaigns expressing gratitude to all essential services workers who had to go to work during the state of alarm to take care of all of us (cleaning, maintenance, home assistance, elder care aides, etc.).

Hand in hand with social commitment, we work for the environment. Our large-format screens are powered by 100% sustainable energies, just as the transport interchange stations in Madrid where they are present.

Join our commitment to a more humane and environmentally respectful world!


Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

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