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Clece is a business project within the ACS Group, which was founded in 1992 initially focused on providing cleaning services to public entities.

In over two decades, it has become the leading multiservice company in Spain, with an annual growth rate of 11.5% over the past twelve years. At Clece, we define ourselves as a company committed to society, comprised of people working for people.

With a workforce of around 80,000 professionals, we bring the capability to provide excellent service to companies and institutions anywhere in Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

Advertising exclusivity
in Madrid interchange stations

At Clece OOH (formerly Publimedia SP), we have extensive experience in marketing outdoor advertising spaces. We are leaders in advertising management for Transport Interchange Stations in Madrid. We offer you the highest quality advertising tools in strategic locations to achieve your communication objectives.

Innovation in DOOH advertising : Urban Led Circuit

We understand that your goal is to achieve the highest number of advertising impacts with the greatest brand recall possible. Our new large-format digital screens, ranging from 50 m² to 60 m² in size, cater to this objective.

Digital screens for outdoor advertising allow for creativity to stand out and for campaign messages to be extended—storytelling, 3D animations, social media walls, event information, real-time promotions…

We’ve created the new URBAN LED digital advertising circuit, strategically positioned in the busiest areas of Madrid. Giant screens with an expansive field of vision that capture every gaze.

And, staying true to our environmental commitment, we power the screens with 100% sustainable energy. Cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and a minimal ecological footprint, all in service to advertisers and brands that prioritize excellence.

Avenida de América

Plaza de Castilla

Príncipe Pío

Spectacular marketing tools
on the Metro Ligero Norte

Our advertising spaces extend along Line 1 or ML-1 of the Madrid Light Rail. As always, ensuring maximum visibility for campaigns, both for public transport users and for adjacent vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Themed advertising facades of large dimensions in Madrid Norte Light Rail stations, along with train carriage customization, guarantee campaign success.

Effective advertising at eye level within Madrid’s public transportation infrastructure.

Estación María Tudor

Personalización de vagones


Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

 Avenida de Manoteras,46, bis 2ª planta ·  28050 Madrid   |   info@cleceooh.com