Original! Spectacular! These are the concepts that come to mind when thinking about adidas.

In Madrid, the iconic sportswear brand has taken its marketing mix strategy to a new level in terms of supports and message.

At the Avenida de América interchange, adidas merges the “original” with the “spectacular” in a unique way.

Our 50 m2 large-format DOOH screen acts as a digital canvas showcasing high-energy images of their products and the personalities that wear them.

Equally spectacular, four three-dimensional cubes add a surprising physical dimension to the campaign.

The three-striped brand’s message is “Originals,” presenting a triptych of their Superstar, Gazelle, and Samba models, accompanied by sports, music, and performance stars such as Jenna Ortega, Bellingham, and Emilia Mernes.

In the campaign, adidas pays homage to those who dare to be original, doing so with the inherent spectacularity of the brand. All of them, 1,000 Originals, on their website. Sport, culture, subversion… adidas.

Agencia: MediaCom.


Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

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