The impact of creativity in DOOH: 3D anamorphic ads and trends

29/12/2023 CleceOOH
DOOH creativity, anamorphic ads in DOOH screens Clece OOH

The impact of creativity in DOOH encompasses a wide range of possibilities: 3D anamorphic animations, optical illusions, immersive experiences, contextual stories linked to local events, dynamic effects consistent with weather or time, split screens and synchronized content, breaking the fourth wall…

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH) in Madrid has undergone a creative revolution in recent years, marked by the implementation of innovative technologies that have transformed how brands connect with their audience in urban environments.

In this ever-evolving landscape, Clece OOH has joined in capturing the attention of all eyes through our large-format screens at the Plaza de Castilla, Avenida de América, and Príncipe Pío interchanges, creating unforgettable advertising experiences.

These premium, high-traffic locations allow brands to reach over 3 million daily impressions in a surprising and unexpected manner, leaving a lasting impact on the audience’s memory.



A classic marketing motto that still holds true: “content is king.” Visually memorable campaigns that invite people to talk about them amplify the effect of the initial impact and significantly contribute to the consolidation of a brand in the minds of consumers.

These ads go beyond conveying information; they become experiences that resonate with the audience, act as catalysts for conversation and engagement, and spread virally on social media, creating a lasting emotional connection.

In the current context, where consumer attention is fleeting, and the competition to capture it is fierce, brands that understand the power of these impactful campaigns have a strategic advantage.

They not only seek to sell a product but also to build a narrative around the brand, conveying values, emotions, and aspirations.



One of the most striking trends in DOOH advertising in Madrid is 3D anamorphic ads. These ads use optical illusions to create stunning three-dimensional effects when viewed from certain angles.

At Clece OOH, we have a dedicated team for producing 3D videos tailored to the dimensions and characteristics of our LED screens. We provoke the “WOW effect” with imagination-defying animations on the 360º exterior columns at Plaza de Castilla, featuring 4K quality screens and 55 m2 of surface area.

We also turn the 50 m2 exterior screen at the Avenida de América interchange into a unique canvas for disruptive advertising, capable of stopping time and imprinting a claim in the viewers’ retina and brain in just 10 seconds.

And we achieve the same effective strategy with 3D visual stimuli on the 60 m2 screen at the Príncipe Pío Station, next to the shopping, entertainment, cinema, theater, and concert hub of the capital.



Creativity in DOOH advertising goes beyond simple visual presentation. The use of LED technology allows advertisers to dynamically adapt content based on the time of day, weather, or special events.

For example, it allows advertising an upcoming concert with vibrant images capturing the essence of the moment and incorporating the phrase: “Experience an immersive listening experience now on Spotify with the official playlist of X.”

This flexibility provides unique opportunities to execute multichannel marketing campaigns that synchronize with other advertising initiatives on different platforms.

Creativities with split screens, such as those mentioned on the exterior columns of Plaza de Castilla, have also gained strength. They allow telling a continuous story or creating a striking effect, such as a vehicle passing from one screen to another or the interaction between two characters on different screens.

The same enveloping message effect can be achieved with digital mupi circuits, for example, by playing fragments of the same story and inviting the viewer’s imagination to connect them.



Creative content strategies in LED advertising not only focus on form but also on substance. It is crucial to tell impactful and relevant stories that leave a mark on the audience.

Successful campaigns have integrated cultural and emotional elements that connect with the Spanish and Madrid identity or the visual references of a generation, achieving immediate acceptance and message amplification.

At Clece OOH, we accompany brands every step of the way. We offer spectacular advertising media in high-traffic environments, suggest ideas for successful campaigns, carry out video production, and measure audience results in each time slot and day using Appcelerate technology.

We invite you to unleash your creativity in DOOH with captivating visual effects and immersive experiences that ensure your brand lingers in the viewer’s mind long after they have moved away from the screen.

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