How to combine DOOH advertising and events to boost brands

19/07/2023 CleceOOH

How to combine DOOH advertising and events to boost brands

Cómo combinar publicidad DOOH y eventos para impulsar tu marca - Alquiler espacio en Plaza de Castilla Madrid

One of the most effective synergies within the marketing mix is the integration of DOOH advertising and live events. This powerful strategy allows you to maximize brand visibility and audience engagement in a striking and memorable way. In this article, we will explore how to combine DOOH advertising and events, two powerful tools, leveraging special actions to create unique experiences and achieve exceptional results.


What is DOOH advertising and why is it relevant for events?

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising refers to the use of outdoor digital screens to display advertising messages. These screens are typically placed in strategic locations with high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, making them an effective platform for capturing the attention of the target audience.

When these screens are large-format, they combine the advantages of spectacular advertising displays with digital screens.

This is the case with our Urban Led circuit from Clece OOH, featuring screens ranging from 50 m2 to 60 m2 on the facades of transportation hubs such as Plaza de Castilla, Avenida de América, and Príncipe Pío in Madrid, with 1.3 million unique users per month.


Creating impact with special actions

When a brand plans to launch an advertising campaign with events to increase interaction with its audience, combining it with DOOH advertising has a multiplying effect.

For example, you can conduct product sampling or tastings with a booth, a team of promoters, and advertising displays. Just above, the 360º digital columns at Plaza de Castilla can display a video inviting participation on their eight screens.

Or you can set up a stage, a food truck, or an advertising bus and capture attention with a spectacular video projected on the screens.

This synergy allows you to reach a broader audience while creating an emotional connection between the brand and event attendees.


The importance of audience engagement

Engaging passersby is a fundamental goal in any marketing strategy. When you combine DOOH advertising and events, you encourage interaction and virality.

For example, you can motivate people through digital screens to share their photos on social media, showing examples on the screens.

You can also call for participation in a giveaway or conduct a survey with a prize, providing valuable feedback to the brand. Taking advantage of a “flash offer” on the brand’s website, offering a special discount from giant screens, will surprise and bring positive values to the brand.

If the event includes a live video recording in which the audience is the protagonist, the screens can display the best moments, akin to Reels or TikTok style. Entertainment and virality.


Increased brand recall

Combining events with digital outdoor advertising reinforces brand recall in the consumer’s mind.

You can enhance this within a time frame, displaying the brand’s message before and after the event, or spatially, using digital mupis to preview it before arriving or to remind attendees after visiting. This continuity multiplies the impacts and reinforces the message.


Creating memorable experiences

The key to success in modern marketing is creating a unique experience for consumers.

When you combine DOOH advertising and events, you achieve a striking, comprehensive, and multisensory experience. Attendees can interact with the brand through special actions, while digital screens offer visually appealing and eye-catching content.

This marketing mix ensures a lasting impression on the audience, potentially leading to greater brand loyalty and recommendations.


We can help you create the event at Plaza de Castilla, turnkey

At Clece OOH’s Special Actions department, we manage all types of events, from the simplest to the most complex, at “La Plaza”, the 400 m2 covered outdoor space at Plaza de Castilla interchange.

We assist you, turnkey, in managing the most eye-catching productions, bringing together the necessary suppliers to bring any idea to life. Starting from the initial briefing, we can generate different proposals and take care of the creative concept development, direction, personnel…

Therefore, your special action will be directed, managed, and contracted directly with you, without intermediaries.

Take advantage of the combination of DOOH advertising and events as a winning strategy. Create unforgettable experiences for your audience. Merge the power of outdoor digital screens with the excitement of live events. Contact us today!

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