The digital revolution in outdoor advertising: future perspectives

14/09/2023 CleceOOH

The digital revolution in outdoor advertising: future perspectives

Revolución digital en la publicidad exterior - Pantallas DOOH gran formato Urban Led

Outdoor advertising is reborn in the digital age, offering advertisers visibility, segmentation, and creativity. Companies like CLECE OOH lead the innovation in a medium that remains essential in communication strategies.

In the midst of the digital boom, where online advertising has gained significant ground, outdoor advertising has experienced a surprising resurgence. This article explores why it is essential to invest in outdoor media and how this marketing format has evolved to meet the changing demands of advertisers.

Additionally, it analyzes the future prospects of large-format digital screen ads, spectacular marketing, and mixed events, and how CLECE OOH has adapted to this constant evolution.


1. The benefits of outdoor advertising

Urban advertising offers several advantages that make it indispensable for advertisers. The most prominent ones are:


1.1 Visibility and coverage
Outdoor advertising has high visibility rates and a wide reach, which can translate into millions of daily impacts when located in high-traffic pedestrian and vehicular areas. Outdoor ads are hard to ignore and reach a diverse yet segmented audience.


1.2 Segmentation and engagement
Precise segmentation is possible based on geographical areas, time slots, and nearby events. Thus, advertising on digital billboards and large outdoor screens allows reaching specific audiences. Strategies that capture the attention of the target audience in an urban environment increase brand engagement in a non-intrusive manner.


1.3 Creativity and immediacy
Digital media in outdoor advertising offers the possibility of displaying immediate messages and making visual changes, providing flexibility to advertisers. New advertising mediums enable creative strategies with multiple screens simultaneously, such as the case of the 360º digital columns at Plaza de Castilla interchange in Madrid or consecutive screens in the digital billboard circuits in interchange corridors.


2. The rise of “out of home” in Spain

Out of Home (OOH), and particularly Digital Out of Home (DOOH), has experienced significant growth in Spain. The modernization of advertising support inventories and the introduction of new formats, such as URBAN LED screens in Madrid’s transportation interchanges, have created exciting opportunities for advertisers.

Programmatic buying allows for hyper-segmented planning, adapting messages based on geotemporal variables.

The secret to its success is that outdoor media appeals to both audiences and advertisers:


  • The audience consistently rates outdoor advertising highly in surveys. It is considered non-intrusive and disruptive in everyday life, adding a touch of creativity and interest to daily journeys.
  • Advertisers are drawn to its constant exposure to audiences, technological evolution, and its ability to interact and personalize messages, as well as the increasing variety of location and format options.


3. The future of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is in constant evolution. We are moving towards a scenario where all stakeholders (advertisers, creative and media agencies, and exclusive partners) maximize all their possibilities.

From CLECE OOH, the exclusive marketer of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transportation interchanges, the focus is on:


  • Digitalization: Greater integration of technology into large-format screens, digital columns, and mupi circuits. An example is the URBAN LED advertising circuit, implemented in late 2022 with the latest technology in large-format LED screens, reaching 3 million daily impressions.
  • Interactivity: Incorporation of QR codes, augmented reality, promotional codes, flash offers, and contests for audience participation through their mobile devices.
  • Advanced measurement and segmentation: Use of data for precise audience knowledge and hyper-segmentation.
  • Sustainability: Use of environmentally friendly energy sources. For instance, the URBAN LED circuit of large digital screens uses 100% sustainable energy sources that power Madrid’s transportation interchanges.
  • Dynamic content: Adaptable advertising messages in real-time based on noteworthy events.
  • Programmatic advertising: Automated purchase of advertising spaces, one of CLECE OOH’s main additions in 2023.
  • Creative innovation: Use of original and imaginative formats that play with 3D, visual surprises, teaser marketing to generate anticipation, storytelling with emotional impact… CLECE OOH’s technical department supports brands in using these strategies.


This highly visible form of advertising on the streets and in public transportation lobbies and corridors is expected to become an essential element in communication campaigns. Companies like Clece OOH are leading the way in innovation in this medium, ensuring that outdoor advertising continues to be an effective and attractive tool for advertisers in the future.

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Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

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