Nuevo circuito publicitario Urban Led

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30/03/2023 CleceOOH

New Urban Led advertising circuit in Madrid

Over 160 m2 of digital screens for outdoor advertising.

Publicidad exterior en Madrid. Circuito Urban Led con pantallas digitales gran formato en Intercambiadores Avenida América, Príncipe Pío y Plaza de Castilla

Are you familiar with the new Urban Led advertising circuit? Clece OOH is adding 4 large-format digital screens to its lineup of outdoor advertising displays in Madrid: one large-format screen on Avenida de América, one angled screen in the commercial and leisure area of Príncipe Pío, and two 360º columns in the business district of Plaza de Castilla.

The Urban Led circuit by Clece OOH allows for high-impact advertising on large screens located in the interchanges of Plaza de Castilla, Avenida de América, and Príncipe Pío.

Specifically, in Plaza de Castilla, they are adding two 360º columns, each consisting of 4 LED screens, with a total surface area of approximately 55 m2, visible from the huge terrace of the interchange and Plaza de Castilla.

At the Avenida de América interchange, a large-format external LED screen has been added, providing an additional 50 m2 of advertising space, with great visibility from the exit of Madrid in the Salamanca district, on the road to Barcelona towards Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

In the Príncipe Pío interchange, the exterior of the interchange has been renovated, incorporating an external digital screen of approximately 60 m2, in the heart of the commercial and leisure area, next to the Bankia theater, Príncipe Pío Shopping Centre, and Madrid Río.

These key points of passenger and vehicle traffic in Madrid have added the advantages of large-format LED screens to their appeal:


  • Spectacular and attention-grabbing
  • High brand recall
  • Flexibility
  • Budget optimization
  • Sustainability, user service, and environmental respect
  • Connection to the programmatic advertising network
  • High ROI
  • Creativity and innovation in formats (3D, storytelling, more complex messages…)


With the new Urban Led circuit of spectacular DOOH advertising, Clece OOH aims to help brands improve the performance of their campaigns, ensuring effective and highly visible exposure in premium locations in Madrid.

The lighting of the new screens is powered by 100% eco-friendly energy, just like the rest of the services at the interchanges, where sustainability and environmental respect are a priority.

For more information about the advertising circuit, visit: Urban Led by Clece OOH.

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Commercialization of advertising spaces in Madrid’s transport interchange stations.
Circuit of large-format digital screens for spectacular outdoor advertising.

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